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How to Recover Your Email: Everything You Need To Know About

No worries if you need to learn How to Recover Your Email account. Below we have mentioned some essential steps to help you recover your account without any hassle.  

To recover your email account, follow the below steps carefully if you've lost access to your account. These steps also work if you need to remember your username or password. 

You can try some valuable things to get back into your account. So, let's proceed.

Steps to Recover Google Account

If you forgot your email address

Below are the procedures that you can use to recover your account if you've forgotten your Gmail email address:

  • First, visit Google's Find My Email page 
  • Now, enter your recovery email or mobile number
  • Next, enter your first and last name 
  • Google will send a verification code to your phone number or entered email address
  • Once you're confirmed, choose Send
  • Enter the code in the required field and select 'Next.'
  • After that, like an account and enter your password 
  • Once done, tap Next
  • After following the above steps, you're successfully logged into your account.

If you forgot the password

Go through the below steps to reset your password if you want to recover your Google account: 

Visit Google's Account Recovery page

First off, you need to go to Google's Account Recovery page. This is the first step you must follow while resetting your Google account's password.   

Enter your email address

Enter your email address in the required field and press the Next button. 

Type the last password.

Google will ask you to enter your last password. If you remember, then enter it and tap Next. In case not, go through the following method. 

Now, tap on Try another Way.

Once you click on the Try another Way option, Google will send you a prompt to your phone to confirm it's you. Open the prompt and hit on Yes, it's me. If you didn't receive the prompt, use another method. 

Tap on Try Another Way Again

Click on Try another Way again to check for the code on your registered mobile number. You can use another method if you still need a registered number. 

Hit on Try another Way once more.

If you have not enabled 2FA or don't have a registered email address, press Try another Way again. To verify, Google will take 72 hours and, once confirmed, send you a password reset link. 

How to recover your Yahoo account?

If you sign in to your account within 30 days, your Yahoo account recovery is possible. Follow the below steps to recover your Yahoo account:

  • First, sign into your account 
  • After that, verify your recovery information 
  • Next, create a unique, strong password
  • At last, tap Continue.

The Final Verdict

That's all! After following the above steps, you'll get detailed information on How to Recover Your Email. Account recovery can be possible if you have forgotten your username, email address, or password. Besides, if you still encounter issues related to Google or Yahoo account recovery, write in the comment section.  

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